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    Billy was never a normal kid, His Dad was in prison before he was born, His Dad had some kind of ****ed up mentality that everyone was out to get him, his girlfriend Billy's Mum had cheated on him and it sent him over the edge as he felt she was the only person that ever loved him and the thing keeping him sane, He went out and killed the person she'd cheated on him with and their 2 kids and the kids grandparents.

    Billy's upbringing was clouded, he had a few half siblings but the problem was that they all received the attention from her and his Step-Dad this was mainly because Billy looked a hell of a lot like his Dad and his Mum wanted to forget she ever had anything to do with his father, he hated his step-dad, felt like he was the reason it was all bad for Billy, like his Mum had been corrupted by other males, this also led him to hate his half brothers, felt like everyone was just corrupted by love, by the time he was age 5 he started seeing his Dad in prison visits, by the 3rd visit he already liked his Dad more than the rest of his family, he had an interest an "infatuation" with what his father did, his Mum noticed this change and started distancing herself from her son even more, but small Billy just used this as to fuel his desire to see his Dad more, he loved his Dad, he was the only person Billy could talk to or connect with.

    When it was coming up to Billy's 7th birthday, his Dad was let out of prison as the lack of evidence closed the case, everyone knew he did the murders of the family they just couldn't prove it, his dad tried gaining custody of Billy but the courts refused, this angered both Billy and his Dad. His Mum was now nearly only feeding him and washing his clothes, there was no love or happiness between him, Everyday after school Billy ran down to his Dads house and stayed there for as long as possible, teachers started noticing the fact he never talked, didn't have any friends and anytime a child tried to interact he became infuriated and threatened them if they did not leave him alone.

    As Billy went into middle school his hair started falling out, this was mainly due to the stress he was under, his want to be with his father was no longer an interest it was like an addiction, his love for his Dad was the only happiness he ever received, He started getting bullied, He never lashed out, his dad made sure he never did as his father saw his son just like him and if his son became enraged there would be a massive problem, One day Billy became near enraged and punched one of his Bullies and broke his nose, the school excluded him and as his step parents were working, Billy saw it as an opportunity to spend an entire day with his Dad, His birthday was next week, and his Dad was about to give him his greatest present he could receive.

    Billy's birthday came around, his family completely acted as if it was all a normal one day, but Billy knew this was coming and he was about to give the greatest present he could, his father came to the house while they were all at school through Billy's window that Billy purposefully left open, his father had a blood stained machete with him, the same machete he had when he committed those murders. As he was leaving he noticed some papers on the desk wrapped in present wrap, he ripped it open carefully, they were custody papers, allowing Billy to live with his Dad, Billy's dad shed a tear, the only kind thing Billy's family had ever done for him and yet it would all be for nothing, Billy's father decided he wouldn't leave, he sent Billy a text saying he was hiding in the closet but the plan was the same....

    As the family had a meal Billy's Mum looked very distressed, As Billy was leaving the dinner table his Mum whispered "Did you open the present I got you" Billy shook his head and his Mum asked him "What do you want for your birthday" and Billy simply replied "I want the entire family sitting arms out and eyes closed on the sofa" his Mum got the family together and they obliged, Billy went up to his room and knew that it was time to act out the plan him and his father devised, he grabbed the blood stained machete and told his father it was time, Billy ripped off his shirt, revealing some muscles, Billy had been working out, more inspiration from his Dad, he walked downstairs, watching his "family" arms out, and he swung the machete with brutality and cut his 2 brothers, his mum and his dads arm off all in one strike, they all screamed in agony but somehow no one came running, his 2 brothers had already passed out from severe blood loss, his step father was just laying there, while his Mum just kept asking why, his Dad then appeared round the corner smiling like a Cheshire cat, his Mum was disgusted, hoping she would never see Billy's father again she was just full of complete disgust, Billy's father sat Billy's mum up and slapped her across the face and whispered in her ear "you tried to forget me, but you could never, you saw me everyday and you denied it and pushed it away, acted like it was never there" he then shouted "YOU LEFT HIM LIKE A FERAL CAT and what happens when you leave a cat alone for it to go feral? It goes to other people to get its food"

    Billy was ecstatic, the scene was perfect, he had yearned for this moment for a very long time, His Dad ordered him to sit his step father up and said "Do what's right Billy, for you and for me" while forcing Billy's mothers eyes open, and he cut the head of his step father clean off, Billy's mother just watched, and then fainted Billy heard small groans and turned around to see one of his brothers getting up, He kicked his brother back over and ripped his shirt off and took 1 swift strike of the blade cutting his brother, neck to genitals in half, he saw his heart in his brothers body and took it out, he went and put it in his mothers mouth, he wiped the blood off his hands onto his bare body, his father was so impressed, He saw his other brother and thought of what to do, He decided he was going to get his other brother put in a coma, not killing him, but having him have severe mental anguish for the rest of his life. Billy grabbed the nearest blunt object, a pair of Brass Knuckles his dad had, A punched hard, not full strength as to not kill him, but give him severe bruising and a bit of brain damage, His mother had woken up and wondered what was in her mouth, she spat it out, and saw a heart, somehow she didn't pass out, She then saw the dead body of her son and wept, his father took this opportunity and said "Now you know how I felt after you cheated on me, you were all I had and then you make another suffer due to your deceitful ways" He then kissed her on the forehead and requested the machete from his son, He cut her legs off, letting the blood splatter onto him, he then handed his son the blade quickly and said "finish the job" his mother looked and said "I should've never ignored you" and her son laughed and said "No, you never should've cheated on my Dad" driving the blade right through his Mum's chest and heart.

    He then stated "you know what has to happen now right?" Billy just realized, in the killing, in the massacre he had lost sight of one thing, the aftermath, and his father took the blade and said "You'll live a life a lot like mine, hopefully without the cheating and jail time" Police arrived at the home finally after someone had heard the screams from earlier, He told his son to run and hide in the shed, but to clean himself down while he was in there, He took the machete and fondled with the handle, making sure there was no way the fingerprints of his son could be detected and even if they were, no one could think an innocent 9 year old could've committed such a crime. Unfortunately for Billy and his Dad the judge convicted him of Billy's family murders and the murders Billy's dad committed before which put his father straight on death-row and 1 week later his Dad was due for the electric chair, right before he was due to enter Billy saw his dad one last time, His Dad took out a piece of paper and it had a location on it, he said go there when you turn 16 and not before that at all!" Billy agreed and his father whispered in his son's ear "I still love your mother even though I killed her" because she brought you into this world and that you are the only other person besides her I have ever loved" Billy cried for the first time since he was a baby managing to say "I love you to death Dad" and his father walked to the chair and sat and while he was dying he looked into his sons eye's. Billy was heartbroken, but heartbreak turned to anger, but repressed like his Dad taught him, he would release it when the time was right, Billy walked out of the prison that day to a new home, a foster home, Billy didn't walk out a child who just lost his Dad, he walked out as a man who wasn't afraid of anything....

    TO BE CONTINUED ??????

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    As a side note, I really loved his character voice in the game, recently played Prison like 4 times in one day.

    Logan Carter is no goddamn douchebag.

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