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Thread: Do you know the real, worst zombie movie ever? I do.

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    Do you know the real, worst zombie movie ever? I do.

    And no one can disagree with it! It is called "Graveyard Of The Dead". This movie is so awful. If you saw it you would know why.

    Logan Carter is no goddamn douchebag.

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    Graveyard Of The Dead! I'll see if this film

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    is that the exact title i cant find the trailer on youtube, i love crappy movies. theres one called graveyard of the living dead, is that it?

    i was actually a extra in a crappy zombie movie about 10 years ago and i still havent seen it to see if i was in it. the guy decided to money grab and release the movie on like 4 dvds for 10 bucks a piece, i bought the first one and said the heck with it. i dont even remember the name, it was like postmortem america 2024, something like that. i always look on youtube hoping someone would upload it

    found the trailer of the one i was in

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    exact title I can not find the trailer on youtube, I love movies crapp

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